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Light Sports Licence

LSA Licence - also known as National Pilot's Licence (NPL)

 * LSA is a 600kg (max.) Class of Fixed Wing Aircraft.

 * They typically cruise at 100 - 120 mph / 160 -  190 kmh.

 * It competes with many PPL Aircraft in Performance and Endurance

 * NPL is a Recreational Licence for those who simply want to fly for their own enjoyment.

 * It makes learning to fly much more affordable than PPL.

 * Light Sport Aircraft are cheaper to fly than conventional aircraft.

 Requirements for National Pilot's Licence

  * Older than 16 yrs (17 yrs to go Solo)

  * Class 4 Medical Certificate

  * You need to have a good command of the English Language

  * Restricted Radio Licence

  * 35 hrs (Minimum) Total Flying of which 15 hrs must be Solo

  * 6 Theory Exams

    (Principles of Flight; Air Law; Engines and Airframes; Human Performance Limitations; Navigation; Meteorology)

  * Flight and Navigation Test

  * Accommodation Available

35 Hrs (Minimum) Flying

Accident Excess Insurance (Once Off - or R125 P/M)

Stand alone Exam Tutor (Similar to Online Exams)

Ground School

Exams (6 subjects)

Radio Licence Lectures, Exam and Certificate

R 43,750

R 1,250

R --410


R 1,560

R 1,810

Prescribed Books

Jim Davis Pilot's Manual (L.S.A)

Digital Notes, Digital Manual, Maps, etc

R 790

R 200


Map 1:250 000 & 1:500 000

Pilot's Kit

Medical (Class 4)

Flight Test

R 80

R 1,400

R 1,500

R 1,500

RAASA Licensing

Student Pilot Licence

Pilot Licence

Courier Fees

R 460

R 460

R 200



Light Sports Aircraft Licence Costs (School Aircraft)

Please Note:

 Although we have attempted to be as accurate as possible, costs may vary, e.g. training on your own Aircraft, fuel price increases, etc.

 We have also found that, while 35 hrs is the required minimum, an average of 40 hrs is normally required to obtain the licence.